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Shana_LEO's LAIR!!!

My First Battle

The Day I Realized My True Feelings For My Best Friend!!
My First Battle

My First Battle(PG)

By Shana_LEO80


Today was mine and Leo’s year anniversary and we had plans to go out tonight after I got off of work. I wake up at about 9:30am to get to work on time and April says, “Wow a whole year with Leo I am so happy for you both.” I say, “Yea I know so am I.” I was watching impatiently for the clock to turn 5:30pm. It was now 5:45 and he was no where in sight. I call his shell cell and get no answer and start to worry. Then his brothers come into the shop with tears in their eyes and say, “He was ambushed by Jayson and the foot when he was on his way here.” I say, “Where is he boys?” Raph says, “We don’t know Shana honestly.” I clench my fists and say, “Don track his shell cell signal now I’m going to go after Jayson if he harmed my man!” Don puts the tracker on and I take the battle shell and track his signal to Shredder’s mansion inside.

Jayson says, “I can’t believe you fell for it too bad I couldn’t stop myself from killing him.” I say, “You what?” He says, “I killed that green freak.” I break down in tears and say, “No Leo please don’t be true.” I see him lying there on the floor and see where he was stabbed and lunge at Jayson and knock him back wards and say, “ Now you die for killing my boyfriend you good for nothing loser.” Leo says, “Shana watch out behind you.” Before I could see it Jayson stabbed me and knocked me unconscious. Leo grabs his swords from the floor and says, “Now you’ve done it Jayson you killed my girl now I’ll kill you.” Jayson just looks at him and says, “Before you face me you have to fight someone else.” He looks and sees Lotus and says, “You how did you survive I saw you die in my arms.” She lunges at him and I block her katana and say, “You take care of Jayson Leo I’ll take her down for deceiving you.” She says, “You think you have a chance up against me Leo can’t even defeat me what makes you so sure you can.”

I say, “I’m a girl too Lotus and will beat the crap out of you for your lies and everything else you put him through after you supposedly died.” I say, “Yea that’s right he moved on and is with me watch gonna do about it?” She lunges at me and I block her katana and say, “Come on miss ninja hit me with your best shot.” She says, “I’ll make you swallow those words you little boyfriend stealer.” I say, “Excuse me he’s not your boyfriend anymore he dumped you the night before you died so I’d advise you to reword that phrase.” She says, “He never broke up with me I died before he got the chance to.” I say, “So you admit it that he was going to dump you.” She says, “Yea he was going to dump me for you.” I say, “Oh well he’s mine now you keep your hands off of him.” She says, “I’ll leave this time Shana mark my words but our next battle you won’t be so lucky.” I say, “ You don’t scare me anymore I took you down without one scratch unlike you with cuts all over you thanks to me now leave you little witch, before I change my mind and take your life.” She disappears in a cloud of smoke.

I watch as Leo battles Jayson. Leo had him on the ground with the katana at his neck and says, “You’re not worth it now leave before I change my mind about sparing your life you loser!” “Shana is with me now and there’s nothing you can do about it, so get that idea out of your head she’ll never take you back all you ever did was abuse her and take her for granted.”

“She has moved on with me either leave her alone or get ninja kicked by me.” He says, “You don’t scare me you green freak.” Leo says, “I should scare you because I’m a ninja.” He disappears into the shadows and Leo says, “Come on Shana we’ll miss our movie if we don’t get a move on.” I say, “Leo I need to change my clothes I have Lotus’s blood all over me after slashing her many times.” He says, “Ok then let’s go so you can take a shower and change for our date.”  He says, “Besides I can give you your surprise earlier.” I say, “My surprise you got me something you didn’t have to really I’m just glad we’re together.” He says, “We’ve been together an entire year already or have you forgotten?” I say, “No Leo I didn’t forget.”

We get on his shell cycle and head to my house so I can take a shower and change. When he pulls up I use my key to unlock the door and say, “Leo if you’re thirsty help yourself to anything in the fridge you’re all sweaty.” He says, “I will get something cold to drink thanks.” I go into my shower and he heads into the kitchen and pours himself ice water.  Then goes in the living room and puts his head back on the cushions and sighs. I come out of my shower and sit next to him and he puts his arm behind me. He hands me a little box and says, “Go ahead and open it Shana.” I open the box and see a ring and say, “It’s beautiful Leo but you really shouldn’t have.” He puts it on my finger and says, “It’s a promise ring with our initials engraved along the band. “ I say, “I love it thank you so much.” He says, “You’re welcome I’m glad you like it.”

I say, “Of course I do.” He says, “Now if I can tell my father about us we’ll both be more at ease you know how he is about humans.” I say, “Yea I know how he is but if you don’t tell him soon he’ll find out and you’ll be in trouble; I don’t want you getting in trouble because of me.” He says, “Fine if it’ll make you feel better I’ll tell him when I go home tomorrow.” I say, “Yea it would make me feel better I don’t like sneaking behind him like this Leo he’s also my sensei.” He says, “Well you’re right about that he is also your sensei.”

He looks at his watch and says, “Come on let’s go before we miss our movie.” I take his hand and lock my door behind us. He says, “You fought well tonight you know that I’m so proud of you.” I say, “Well I’m glad you are you also taught me or did you forget?” He says, “No I didn’t forget just can’t believe you defeated Lotus in battle and I never could she always beat me.” I say, “You never defeated her because you were in love with her Leo there’s no shame in that.” He says, “I guess you’re right about that shall we?” He starts his shell cycle up and we head toward the theatre. We arrive and get in line for the movie tickets. He asks, “After the movie you want to get a bite to eat or just go back to your place?” I say, “We can get something to eat after the movie.” He says, “Ok then shall we.” He takes my hand and we take our seats in the theater.

As the movie starts I put my head on his shoulder and he strokes my head gently and holds me close to him. I just felt so safe when he was near me like he was my sense of security or something. I feel him heating up and he says in his mind, “ Leo cut it out nothing like that can happen between you two you’re not a human you’re lucky that you can kiss her with passion without her being afraid of you.” I ask myself, “Why is it every time we’re close like this he gets like that I wonder if it’s possible?” “You’re talking crazy now you know nothing like that can happen between you two; besides even if it was possible you’d be afraid of him anyway thanks to Jayson and his sorry ass.” “Your trust in men has kind of disappeared after the whole incident the last time Leo saved you from Jayson  lucky Leo tracked your shell cell signal before he could do anything to you which was his intentions not counting on your best friend being there to stop him.”

The movie ends and he wakes me up and says, “You really must be tired you fell asleep on me in the theatre.” I say, “Not tired Leo just deep in thought wondering if we would ever get serious like your brother and Vicky.” Leo says, “If I tell you how it happened you might just get sick because when he told me my stomach turned.” I say, “It can’t be that bad or is it?” Leo says, “We’ll say Raphael and Vicky in a Jacuzzi on her back porch.” I say, “Ill that is sick but I guess she couldn’t resist him I know it happened the 1st time he told her he was a turtle not a human he must’ve been scared.” Leo says, “Even if he was he’s too modest to admit he was scared.” “I’ll tell you straight up I know it’s possible but am also scared I have no idea what to do; and hope it doesn’t happen too soon.” “I’d be clue less on what to do.” I say, “No you wouldn’t you would no exactly what to do its part of your nature being part human and turtle.” “But one thing you need to know that just happens between two people who are in love without a warning.” “
When you start nothing can stop you hormones just take over and control your every thought.” He says, “That can’t be good.”

I say, “No it’s really not I rather have control of my own thoughts not keeping my mind in the gutter.” Leo says, “Same here let’s go get something to eat man I’m so tired you can eat I’m not hungry; I just want to go to your place and sleep.” I knew he was lying he was basically a man and wanted it to happen between us for some odd reason. As for myself I could feel how much I wanted him but wouldn’t give into my hormones at least not so soon we’d regret it. We get back on his shell cycle and get some pizza; he only ate one slice.” I say, “For someone not hungry you fooled me.” He says, “Ok gees you know me too well nothing gets passed you.”  I say, “No I’m afraid not Leo.” We get back on his shell cycle and head back to my house; I go change for bed and lay in my bed wondering how it would feel if we ever get there.

He undoes his harness and gets in the bed with me. I look in his eyes a short second and feel my body start to heat up and say, “ Oh no way I can’t do this not so soon we just had that conversation oh fey help me.” He leans down and kisses me with passion I knew it that was all he needed to do now I couldn’t help myself and he knew it too. He kisses my neck gently and moves to my shoulders slowly slipping his hands inside my shirt and at his touch my body just ignited with desire! I feel my hands moving down his entire body and feel nothing relieved at first. But then that doesn’t last very long; his hands caress my bare skin from top to the bottom and I feel myself fall into that never ending trap of desire hearing our breathing as it gets heavier and heavier as we get closer to true passion and feeling the pleasure of being with a male again not thinking about Jayson once mainly focusing on him and I in this state of mind we were in right now, the only one who was really confused on exactly what just happened was poor Leo.

Leo says, “We didn’t just do that did we?” I say, “Yes we did do you regret it?” He says, “No I just had no idea that was possible you’re a human and I’m a mutant turtle.” I say, “With human emotions and hormones never the less being in love with me as I am with you.” He says, “Just lovely my shell cell is ringing and I bet it’s my father.” I say, “Then don’t answer it Leo talk to him when you go home tomorrow.” He says, “ Yea and hear my brothers mouths and end up kicking their shells in I warned them too many times not to ask about that you think they listen oh no they just keep it up till my temper goes through the roof.” I say, “Did it ever occur to you and Raph they do that because they are afraid to fall in love and wish they had girls like you and him do?” He says, “ You should’ve been there the 1st time it happened with him and Vicky Mike got him so mad he almost killed the poor guy because he just wouldn’t stop and Raph is just like me he doesn’t like to hear about that and Mikey knew but he just kept it up; until I stepped in and held Raphael back and made him go to bed and yelled at Mikey.”

I say, “Your brothers are the least of your worries it’s always Casey bugging you about that especially when you say you’re spending the night here with me.” Leo says, “ Oh shell you’re right oh man he bothers me tomorrow I swear I’ll hurt him; after the fast one he tried to pull at your Summer home in Florida he is so lucky Raph stopped me when he did. I say, “Oh yea in the stable by the field it was so hot in there I wonder how you and I managed to stay in control.” Leo says, “Shana we didn’t stay in control both of us lost our self control that evening don’t you remember Mike getting whacked by me?” I say, “Leo that evening we only kissed passionately nothing else happened unless I was too hot to even remember.” Leo says, “I remember that evening too well; now I feel stupid I was afraid of nothing when we did 8 months ago thanks to that lame brain Casey.” “This was our 2nd time not the 1st the 1st time was 8 months ago after your race when you came in 1st again.” I close my eyes and also remember that night too well still hearing how heavy our breathing was and his breath in my hair; and his touch that felt so right and also feel stupid and say, “ Well look on the bright side we can control ourselves unlike Vicky and Raph  every time they’re alone they end up in his room.” Leo says, “You do have a point until we go away again when I go with you for your finals in Florida and we stay in your big house all alone.”

I fall asleep on him and he holds me close to him covering us both and falls a sleep himself feeling so good right about now because he was right we did 8 months ago that was the 1st time I even let a male touch me in that way; but he wasn’t just any male he was my man Leo.  

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