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Shana_LEO's LAIR!!!

The Day I Realized My True Feelings For My Best Friend!!

The Day I Realized My True Feelings For My Best Friend!!
My First Battle

           The Day I Realize How I Really Feel About my Best Friend

By Shana_LEO80


I hear the window open and go in the living room and say, “Leo where are you going the foot is everywhere.” He says, “I’m just going on my training run I’ll be fine go back to sleep I’ll see you at breakfast.” I say, “Ok Leo see you then.” I watch as he goes out the window, and say, “Master Splinter I have a bad feeling about Leo are you sure he’ll be all right?” Master Splinter says, “I know Shana I have a similar feeling you do but Leo is a skilled ninja he can handle himself better than his brothers.” “Go back to sleep until breakfast is ready.” I couldn’t sleep I was so worried about him. April sees me and asks, “Do you think you fell in love with him Shana?” I say, “ Actually April I don’t think I know I’m in love with him and have been since the first night I met him when he brought me to the lair after I was jumped by Jayson and the Purple Dragons.”

I look at the clock after we eat breakfast and say, “OMG April I just know something happened to him he’s usually back by now!” Raph says, “Shana calm yourself down he’s fine he can handle himself you know how he is with his training.” I say, “Yea but Raph he’s usually back by now shouldn’t we go and look for him.” As we were about to look for him he was thrown through the window and I rush over to him and say, “Oh no Leo please.” His eyes close and I break down in tears and Raph holds me and says, “Oh man Shana you love Leo don’t you?” I say, “Yes Raph I do a lot but I don’t know if he feels the same way about me.” The foot come in through the windows and Splinter says, “Michelangelo help Shana get him to safety he’s not looking so good.” I had tears in my eyes and hold him. Hun comes up behind me and heads towards Leo and I say, “You won’t touch him Hun you’ll have to get through me first before you get a chance to hurt him worse than he already is.” I get up and throw two Chinese stars at Hun and Mike helps me drag him away from there. Then before I knew it Hun picked him up and threw him across to the other room and he hit his shell on the pole. I jump up and Kick Hun down the stairs and say, “I warned you Hun don’t touch him!”  

We managed to get out of there before Shredder blew up our apartment. We get in the trailer attached to Casey’s truck and Splinter covers Leo with a blanket and says, “He’s getting worse.” Raph holds me as I break down in tears watching over him and says, “ I can’t believe this how can Leo get beat up like that he’s the better skilled one out of all 4 of us.” I cry on Raph and fall asleep on him. He just holds me. I watch as they lay Leo on the couch and say, “I can’t see him like that I’ll be in the room hating myself.” Splinter says, “No Shana you stay here and listen we all know how much you care about him.” I say, “But Master Splinter I can’t stop crying seeing him like this.” I put my head on him as I listen to them desperately trying to bring him back to consciousness holding back my tears. Then I feel his breathing beginning again and say, “Leo are you all right now?” He says, “Yea I’m fine just need to rest Shana go on go to sleep you look exhausted and like you’ve been crying.” I say, “I was crying because I thought we lost you Leo.”

I go into the room and fall asleep feeling relieved that he was fine. The next morning I wake up at about 10 am and go downstairs and hear Raph asking where Leo was. Raph asks, “Shana you want to come out to the barn with me to boost his confidence again he’s out there moping around again.” I say, “ You sure that’s wise he’s probably still hating himself because he got his shell kicked by the elite guard he might not want me to see him like that.” He says, “ Ok you stay here if you don’t think him seeing you will help him any you are his best friend Shana he always listens to you I’m probably going to get my shell kicked because he heard what I said to him when he was unconscious.” I say, “Are you suggesting I go out there by myself so he can yell at me?” Don says, “Believe me he won’t yell at you he knows you stayed by his side when he was unconscious you’ll be surprised at his reaction.”

I go outside to the barn and enter the barn and ask, “Leo are you ok?” He says, “Yea I’m fine why you asking just wielding new swords.” I say, “Because you’ve been out here moping around for an entire week and I was worried about you and so is everyone else.” He says, “Yea sure maybe everyone else but Raphael he just loves to make me feel useless because he’s still mad because I’m the top turtle and he’s not.” Leo says, “I heard what he said to me Shana and he’s right I can’t face getting my shell kicked by them.” I say, “ You listen to me now Leo stop putting yourself down you’re a good ninja and don’t believe in the word defeat besides you’re their older brother and protect them now pull yourself together and stop this now.”

He looks at me and says, “Fine if it makes you feel better I’ll pull myself together gees Shana you can be pushy.” He takes off the bandages and finishes making his swords.” I stare at him and he notices and comes by me and says, “Is something else on your mind you can talk to me about it you’re my best friend?” I say, “Yea Leo I do have another thing on my mind and it’s about you.” He says, “What about me Shana tell me please.” I say, “I don’t know how to tell you this but I love you Leo and was really scared when you flew through that window I just couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t face you without having tears in my eyes.” Leo says, “You don’t have tears in your eyes and you’re facing me right now.” I say, “I’m not looking at you Leo if I do I’ll break down in tears again.”

He picks up my chin and says, “Look in my eyes Shana do I look mad at you because you fell in love with me?” I say, “No you don’t you have a certain gleam in your eye like me.” I say,” I may love you but I know you don’t feel the same about me I’m a human.” Leo says, “No you’re wrong I feel the same way about you and just didn’t know how to tell you my true feelings.” We were sitting in the hay when he leans over and kisses me. I accept his approach and just embrace him and feel myself descending to the hay pile and my body heating up and say, “Oh no not here anyone can walk in on us.” He says, “What’s wrong Shana it’s only kissing calm down.” I say, “Yea but you this close to me is giving me the urge.” He says, “Ok hold on; now is not the time to be like that we only got together tonight.” I say, “Leo I know that it’s just I don’t know.”

He says, “We will when we’re together longer I may be a mutant but am, also part human.” I say, “Ok where were we?” He leans down and kisses me and I embrace him and kiss him with true passion. He starts to heat up and says, “Ok we need to get out of here now before something really happens between us.” I say, “Ok Leo let’s go before they miss us and call your shell cell.” He says, “What time is it anyway?” I say, “It’s already 7pm I’ve been out here since 1pm.” He says, “Oh man let’s go before my shell cell rings.” He takes my hand and closes the barn door behind us. Then he puts his arm behind me and says, “Come on let’s go inside I’m ready to just sit down and watch a movie holding you in my arms.” I say, “Me too Leo.” He opens the door and everyone stares and he says, “Ok so we’re together stop looking at us like that you 4.” April says, “Wow he really does love you I’d never guess.” I say, “ I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no so stop looking at me like that and get your mind out of the gutter April.” Her and Casey start making out on the couch and Leo just stares and says, “Don’t start that again go upstairs we don’t want to see it or hear it.” Casey takes her hand and the door closes and we hear one of them up against the door of the room and Leo says, “Ok they are ridiculous do they always have to get like that when we’re up here?” I say, “Well Leo they are together for 3 years let them be they both are human it’s normal for them to show each other love.”

He clicks on the DVD player and lies down on the couch watching the movie, I lay down next to him and he puts his arms around me. He felt so warm that I had to fall asleep on him. He takes the blanket and covers us both with it and falls asleep shortly after. Raph says, “Goodnight bro I’m glad you finally got over Lotus it’s good to see you happy again.” Raph turns off the movie and ejects it. Then he puts it in the case and on the shelf. Then he shuts the TV off and heads to bed. He hears Casey and April and says, “Can you keep it down damn people are trying to sleep I can’t wait to go home I can’t take much of this anymore.” Vicki wakes up and says, “What’s wrong Raph are you Ok?” He says, “I’m fine go back to sleep and block those two out.” He lies down next to her and she starts to kiss him full of passion and he says, “No not here Vicki my brothers don’t even know we did yet don’t you dare turn me on.” “I’ll have to hear it in the morning please don’t.” He says, “I told you not to but now it’s too late you turned me on.” She says, “That was the idea Raphie.” He clicks off the light and kisses her full of passion then Leo gets awaken and says, “What the shell is that?” He goes by Casey’s room and hears nothing. Then he hears it getting louder and hears it from Raph’s room and says, “You can’t be serious not even a year and he’s already there.”

He just goes back downstairs on the couch and holds me close to him and falls back to sleep. I cuddle up to him and couldn’t believe how secure he made me feel. I hear Raph and Vicki and Leo says, “Shana don’t pay attention to those two unless you want to go in the other room where we won’t hear anything so we can both sleep.” I say, “ Yea Leo let’s go I can’t sleep with those two at it gees I thought Casey and April were bad he’s not even with her for 6 months and he’s already getting there.” Leo takes my hand and we go in the room he usually sleeps in because it was no where near Raph’s room.  I say, “Leo if we ever get there we’ll wait till we’re alone right?” He says, “ Definitely I’m not like that I don’t move fast so you have nothing to worry about sweetie I can control myself it’s part of my training.”

I say, “Maybe you can control yourself as for me I don’t know if I can.” He says, “If you think you can you’ll be able too now just go to sleep you also need your rest.” He lies down on the bed and I get under the covers next to him and put my head on him and fall asleep as he gently strokes my head and holds me close to him. He finally falls asleep in peace even though they were still at it. Raph says, “ Ok Vicki three hours is more than enough it’s time to sleep and you need to control yourself we can’t keep doing this every time you come over I’m still a ninja and need to focus on my training there’s more to a relationship than you think; we need to slow down now go to sleep.” She says, “But it’s hard for me to resist you I love you so much.” He says, “Ok I know that but we’re moving too fast we need to slow down I mean it now go to sleep.” She puts her head on him and he holds her close to him and falls asleep, and then she also covers them both; then clicks on the ceiling fan and finally falls asleep.

Her foot com rings but she ignores it and shuts it off, then falls back to sleep.


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